(this April) I decided to start a new project for what is known as National Poetry Month. delays ensued due to weather, film development mishaps, and the time it took to sew the cards even considering how little sewing was involved. it is now (the end of July) time to send these postcards out into the world to reach the kind people who wrote and shared their mailing addresses.


souvenir : the materials of this project, the fingerprints left on the photos as I made holes and sewed, the other indentions and fingerprints that are sure to make their marks as these cards make their way through the post, and (most of all) the thoughts (the poem(s)) that comprise this project that are for (and in a way from) someone


to remember (a seeing)

come to mind (come)

just come (venir)

souvenir as invitation

sou(venir) = (re)cuerdo

come –> (re)turn

–> (re) –> prefix in perpetuity


Cecilia Vicuña says

"Charles Olson says

memory is the future

because you will 

remember in future tense"               (Spit Temple, p. 194)


geography of sou(venir) now:

ARKANSAS: Fayetteville & Little Rock

CALIFORNIA: Oakland & San Francisco & San Raphael

COLORADO: Boulder & Burlington & Fort Collns

D.C., Washington

ITALY: Bologna

KANSAS: Overland Park


MARYLAND: Glen Burnie

MASSACHUSETTS: Boston & Lexington & Watertown

NEW YORK: New York


OREGON: Ashland & Portland

SWEDEN: Degeberga

TEXAS: Austin & Dallas & El Paso & Hickory Creek & Houston & McKinney & Pottsboro

VERMONT: Morrisville